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Beijing da-hong animal husbandry won the "top 30 animal husbandry machinery brands selected by users in the animal husbandry industry in 2014".

Article release date:2014-12-08

 On November 27, 2014, at 2:30 PM, the "China dream · brand dream" 2014 animal husbandry industry user preferred brand award ceremony, which was prepared by saier media for nearly a year, kicked off grandly.


"China dream · brand dream" animal husbandry industry after the launch of the 2014 animal husbandry industry user preferred brand selection activity, has received extensive attention from the industry, but also by the majority of enterprises to support. The selection is truly on behalf of the user's will, the results deserve. Beijing dahong hengfeng animal husbandry technology co., ltd. was invited to attend the ceremony as an award-winning enterprise. In the current large-scale and intensive production mode of livestock industry, the voice of attaching importance to animal welfare is increasingly high. As a livestock machinery enterprise, Beijing dahong hengfeng animal husbandry technology co., ltd. has always been focusing on animal welfare and creating a comfortable living environment for animals. Take full consideration of animal welfare and improve the health of pigs.

Market recognition is a good brand users say good is really good! Animal husbandry machinery and equipment are key factors to the modernization of animal husbandry industry, the future animal husbandry machinery will incline to the direction of high quality high return on investment, Beijing big hon hengfeng animal husbandry science and technology co., LTD will continue to use scientific and efficient modern power mass breeding livestock equipment, make the development of animal husbandry to the benign development of the road of sustainable development


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