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The technology exchange meeting between CANARM and Beijing dahong hengfeng animal husbandry technology co., ltd. was a great success

Article release date:2018-01-02

Recently, the Beijing big hon hengfeng animal husbandry science and technology co., LTD. Invite Canadian CANARM company technical director khanna, such as a line of personnel for technical exchange activities in China, during the meeting in two companies at home and abroad pig layout, equipment/personnel match, ring lighting lighting controlling and waste sewage treatment and other aspects has carried on the deep discussion, for CANARM aquaculture processing equipment has reached a further cooperation.

During the exchange meeting, the technical director of dahong company explained the current situation of domestic pig farms for the participants of CANARM company, and profoundly pointed out the existing problems of domestic pig farms. He believes that China's current development model has from quantitative to quality efficiency type, the breeding is not exceptional also, it will by the extensive breeding pattern into a fine feeding mode, in the process of the transformation, animal husbandry and aquaculture equipment play a considerable role to the development of animal husbandry, will toward automation, humanization, intensification of management mode of development. Dahong animal husbandry will also continue to devote to the research of modern breeding equipment, and constantly adjust to find a new model suitable for China's development.

CANARM company technical director of Canada, the company staff on the current foreign advanced management technology, CANARM over the years committed to the development of intelligent farming equipment, energy saving environmental control equipment and intelligent farm management system, good fit into the big hong livestock development concept, and points out that will further cooperate with big hon company, the processing for large hong farming equipment and provide advanced technical support.

Dahong always adhere to their own ideas, in the future development will continue to innovate, become the world's top breeding equipment suppliers.

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