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Beijing dahong successfully completed the relocation work

Article release date:2016-01-08

In order to make rational use of office resources, after careful site selection and preparation in the early stage, Beijing dahong company officially moved its office to wangjing district, chaoyang district, Beijing on December 6, 2015. Wangjing area is located at the junction of the fourth and fifth ring roads in northeast Beijing. The region is a gathering place for the headquarters of multinational companies and research and development centers, a development base for non-public economic headquarters and a national entrepreneurship base for overseas students. Siemens, MOTOROLA, samsung electronics, SONY Ericsson, panasonic, mercedes-benz headquarters, BMW headquarters, LG and many other well-known multinational companies are also located here. It is of great significance for the company to move here, not only to improve the overall image of the company, but also to have a special significance for the future development.

The relocation of personnel administration department in advance to make a good relocation plan, to ensure that the premise of not affecting the completion of the relocation task. In order to reduce the moving expenses as far as possible, in line with the principle of practicing economy according to local conditions, the existing office furniture, supplies for reasonable deployment, everything from simple. And make full use of the company's human and material resources, in the support of all staff with the smooth completion of the relocation.

At present, the move has been successfully completed, since December 7, 2015, the company officially in the new office location to carry out the work.


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