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Beijing dahong animal husbandry company visited tianjin pig farm

Article release date:2017-02-22

Recently, Mr. Yan wen, technical director of the "jiaguida project team" of Beijing dahong hengfeng animal husbandry technology co., LTD led the Marketing Department, technical service center and international trade department to visit 1000 large-scale farms in baodi district of tianjin for the return visit of users of "jiaguida" products and technical consultation of pig disease control.

Good feeding of sows intelligent feeding system is big hon hengfeng animal husbandry science and technology Beijing co., LTD., the latest introduction of Canada JYGA nursing sow feeding system and sow group system, through the review, big hong company more in-depth understanding of user needs, reflected the active service consciousness, won the users on the company's service and good feeding of highly intelligent feeding system.


In the process of return visit, the technical team had a discussion with the pig farm leaders and pig technical personnel, and went to the site for inspection, and conducted targeted training on pig raising knowledge and equipment use and other related technologies to the feeders and college students. The raisers expressed their gratitude for the active return visit of dahong livestock company and affirmed the important role of the intelligent feeding system of dahong livestock company in improving the efficiency of the whole pig farm. In the discussion and exchange, users put forward opinions and Suggestions on the system operation of dahong livestock co., LTD., the person in charge of dahong co., ltd. answered some questions on the spot, and recorded every opinion and suggestion of users in detail. The relevant person in charge of dahong company said that after going back to China, we will sort out each opinion and suggestion, timely modify and adjust the requirements on some software functions, and submit a proposal scheme for the problems related to the "personalized feeding curve" of sows, and discuss and solve the problems together.

Next, big hong company will carry on the return visit to the pig farm of each district of the country in succession. Beijing dahong has always attached great importance to product quality control and after-sales service. To cope with an effective use of sows intelligent feeding system, we take the initiative to return users, for big hong livestock equipment system running situation of the company, as well as the growth of the pigs is to conduct a comprehensive inspection, solicit opinions of the users and the suggestion, in order to further perfect the system, improve the system stability, improving the quality of after-sales service, deepen exchanges and cooperation, jointly build big hong quality brands.

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