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Dahong products successfully passed the strict examination of Canadian customers

Article release date:2017-05-09

Recently, Paul, sales director of CANARM AgSystems in Canada, visited our production base in tianjin to inspect the quality of breeding trial equipment before production. After strict evaluation, the batch of equipment successfully passed the examination.

This order is for our company to adopt intelligent automatic welding manipulator for processing and production. On the premise of ensuring the quality of welders' welding welds, it greatly improves the welding efficiency and plays a promoting role in reducing the operating cost and improving the operating environment. After strict examination, Paul was very satisfied with the quality of our company's products and could carry out the next stage of production smoothly.

CANARM AgSystems company as a typical customer representative of European and American countries, has been very strict with product quality as well as the size and so on, the director of sales is to measure the key data in person, the rigorous work style to hon people admire, through the investigation, and further improve the recognition of the big hong company to product quality, at the same time promote and correct the big hong company to product quality requirements and hon more rigorous attitude towards production, also for big lay solid foundation for company's brand into the international market



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