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Time is pushing us to take a road of development of Beijing dahong hengfeng animal husbandry technology co., LTD

Article release date:2018-09-08

In the 1990 s to the present, Beijing big hon hengfeng animal husbandry technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "big hon technology" or "hon") has been in the field of animal husbandry equipment through more than 20 years, the first to enter the industry, domestic animal husbandry equipment is still in a fledgling state, the level is limited, the threshold is low, then the big company is engaged in simple mechanical processing, silently in the foundation. With the continuous passage of The Times, the industry is developing rapidly, and dahong is also growing in the wave of The Times. It has developed into a large group with several branches, developing in multiple directions such as electronics, intelligence and Internet of things, with an annual output value of several hundred million.1545035169597065.jpg

In the face of past achievements, da hong attributed all this to the development of The Times, but the simple passage of time will let da hong grow so quickly? What turned dahong from an obscure, self-made company into a giant with advanced technology and dazzling achievements? Let us walk into da hong, by da hong science and technology project director li pengfei about its brilliant behind the growth history.

Q1: Beijing dahong mainly engages in animal husbandry equipment and provides integrated solutions for livestock farms. What are dahong's major equipment products and their core advantages?

Li pengfei: dahong has been operating in the field of animal husbandry equipment for 20 years, from the initial small-scale production enterprises to the present automation and intelligence. On the one hand, it benefits from the development and progress of the industry as a whole; on the other hand, it also benefits from the technological progress of dahong. At present, dahong's products have covered all series of animal husbandry, environmental control is the core competitiveness. Dahong's products can cope with the test of different geographical environment and climatic conditions, ranging from guangzhou in the south to qiqihar and Harbin in the north. From the south to the north, dahong has actual combat experience in different regions, different climates and different piggery environments, which is the core advantage of dahong.

Secondly, dahong's automation equipment system is very advanced. The introduction of advanced technology from abroad, through a large number of use, its performance, operation is still very stable, can withstand the test of time. This is also a big advantage of dahong.

Q2: compared with feed industry and breeding pig industry, equipment industry started relatively late in China, with limited level and high entry technical threshold. It is not the first choice for entrepreneurs. Dahong had started business from scratch, chose the equipment industry, is for what consideration?

Li pengfei: stock raising equipment industry and feed, raise pig, vaccine industry to have very big difference, this industry is relatively relatively small, and start relatively later, its admittance threshold is not high, but must see what to do after entering a line. If you want to do low-end equipment system, its technical threshold is not high, only need to do simple machining. Many of the companies we saw at the fair were at this level, and these were products of dahong 10 years ago. Now, dahong rarely displays such products, but develops toward the direction of electronics, intelligence and Internet of things.

When dahong just entered the industry, the domestic animal husbandry machinery industry is at the initial stage, and the current development is not a concept. At that time, I encountered the reform of state-owned enterprises and needed to find another way out. Besides, I graduated from the machinery manufacturing major of China agricultural university and contacted many teachers in the animal husbandry industry. By chance, I entered the field of animal husbandry equipment.

Q3: after years of development, dahong has grown from a start-up enterprise to a well-known animal husbandry equipment enterprise in the industry. It has established cooperative relations with many well-known domestic enterprises, and its products are sold to many countries. How about dahong's current enterprise scale, production scale and sales scale?

Li pengfei: the development of dahong now adopts the model of branch company, which has established several branches in the whole country, divided by regions, such as south, north, west... Through so many years of accumulation, accumulated strength in all aspects. At the beginning, the scale of dahong was very limited, but now it has its own production base, with about 300 employees and an annual output value of about 200 million. In 2017, it will exceed 300 million. Its products are rich and high-end, and its customer groups are also high-end.

Q4: what is the research and development focus of dahong next?

Allen: from the 15th 2017 livestock products can be seen on display at the expo on big hon, simple equipment products are now less and less, automation has become the basic configuration, the Internet of things, automatic control, environmental control can achieve a higher level, as a proportion of ventilation rate, open, open experiment, based on various parameters such as temperature, humidity adjustment, realize automation. In fact, some of dahong's products have been successfully developed, after two years of testing, proved to be very good. One thing that needs to be further improved is to improve the Internet of things and integrate big data. Now, dahong can provide customers with data storage, such as a pig farm, from the admission of sows until many years later, all the data can be checked by customers, in order to master the overall pig farm production indicators, dahong is now in the direction of the database breakthrough.

Internet of things is also a cost, on the one hand, the hardware preparation in the early stage, on the other hand, the data storage, which will cost. However, for large groups, the importance of databases will become more and more prominent, which is acceptable for them.

Q5: at present, there are only a few domestic enterprises capable of producing mature automatic feeding equipment and environmental automatic control equipment. The level and popularity of domestic equipment technology are yet to be developed. What kind of products or services can dahong provide to meet the market demand in these blank areas?

Li pengfei: in recent years, the development of the industry changes with each passing day, the overall environment is good, a large number of groups, capital into the field of animal husbandry, brought a large number of pig farm construction, the demand for supporting equipment is also rising, because the equipment is the most important part of modern pig farm hardware. Without the support of equipment, other parts are difficult to function. Therefore, this large area, a large number of rapid construction, brought a large demand for mechanical equipment. But because there are only a handful of large equipment companies in the country and their capacity is limited, these demands have spawned many small equipment companies. As a result, the industry is now uneven. Animal husbandry equipment is not as simple as it looks, because it is used by animals, and all kinds of unexpected problems will occur in the use process. Mature products need to go through time and technology accumulation. Simple imitation does not last. Industry development has a certain opportunity, but also a certain timeliness. Domestic industry current situation is such basically.

As dahong itself, must create practical, stable performance of the product, the two are the most important. For example, at the beginning of the production bed, the technology is not mature, just simple processing production, industry understanding of it is not deep. But with the development of the industry, we realize that the delivery bed has many functions, and then dahong's delivery bed is very complex, with a lot of additional functions. However, after years of use, dahong has found that many additional functions are not suitable for use on pigs. They do not play the desired effect on pigs, and complicated equipment is easily damaged. Therefore, dahong is now back to the origin, following the principle of simplicity, from simple to complex, and back to simple, in the use of more than ten years, cut some specious functions, focus on the realization of the main function, and let the product realize the silly operation. Such equipment is in line with China's national conditions, the cost can be controlled. This is what dahong is doing now. It has both sophisticated and advanced technologies that are deepening, and a philosophy of returning to simplicity. In general, it is to find and solve problems in the process.

Q6: for equipment enterprises, the quality of products is directly related to their market performance and affects their performance, which requires strict control. What measures has dahong taken to improve and control product quality?

Li pengfei: the construction of a lot of new pig farms has spawned a lot of small equipment companies, but from dahong's point of view, you can't do that because you can't bite off more than you can chew. Dahong should be its own customers, to do their own customers, and improve product quality, do more delicate, more beautiful, more accurate, help the industry to improve productivity.

In order to stabilize product quality and improve quality stability, dahong has been improving the production level of mechanical equipment and processing means in the factory, and adding several quality inspection procedures in the production and processing process to minimize the probability of errors. Once the product leaves the factory, if there is any problem, there will be a lot of trouble. Dahong has also paid tuition. At the beginning, the technology of dahong was not perfect and the quality of its products was not stable enough. Some customers even gave negative comments about the product after using it. To this kind of feedback, big hong answers rationally all the time, solve actively. Now, through more than ten years of development and accumulation, dahong has abundant experience and lessons, customer supervision, we can better promote the development of enterprises. From this point of view, dahong is grateful to them. Without their supervision, dahong's products cannot become better and better, and the development of the company cannot achieve better technological development, which has become the driving force for the development of the company.

Q7: among different breeding enterprises, the scale of breeding is different, the species of breeding animals is different, and the demands of breeding are different. What are the main differences in the needs of large, medium and small farms? How does dahong ensure that the solutions it provides to each customer are relevant to meet these special needs?

Li pengfei: now, outside capital enters large farming and animal husbandry group, their equipment scale is big, class is high, have perfect management system, can centralize control, investment is big also, this is not average small and medium-sized enterprise can accomplish, so their demand difference to equipment product also reflected. There are a lot of large and small farms and equipment factory in China, but each customer orientation group is different, big hon positioning is to produce high-grade products, corresponding to the product price is also high, big customer needs and company's products fit, small and medium-sized customers and large customer's difference is very big, cannot treat as the same.

More than ten years ago, when the level of China's livestock industry was very low, there were no so-called large customers or small customers, and all enterprises, large and small, were our customers. But now the industry has developed, products have also developed, some products have centralized control, automatic control, but small-scale enterprises can not contain this cost.

Q8: it is learned that dahong has established cooperative relations with many well-known domestic enterprises, such as new hope, dabeinong, yangxiang, zhengbang, etc. Does this mean that dahong's main customer base is the larger farming enterprises? What are the characteristics of dahong's technical services?

Li pengfei: dahong has many big customers who work closely together. For example, cofco is the cooperative representative of the northern region, wen's group is the representative of the southern region, and cp group is the representative of the western region. We provide technology and maintenance for them. In addition, there are some local enterprises, dahong to provide them with cost control and other services.

Technology is the forerunner and the foundation of the company. The company needs research and development instead of mere imitation and cannot follow the crowd. Only in this way can the product have vitality. Then there is service, which is daihung's strength. Big hon when start low, belongs to a self-made man, no capital, no strong backing, is established by a group of young people work hard, early development, the products are not doing enough, so big company established a powerful service system, and this is a customer of big hong very recognition, also thank the vast number of customer recognition of big company, big company services in the future will do better.

Q9: "turnkey" project is one of dahong's characteristics. What is its specific content? Is it a project of dahong itself or a project of cooperation with other enterprises?

Li pengfei: the turnkey project is, in a broad sense, a complete set of construction. At present, dahong in this field to do more complete, more complex operation. The turnkey is to design the customer's pigsty according to dahong's previous process, and then the internal conduction equipment is provided by dahong. In the process of implementing the "turnkey" project, dahong has introduced the technical force of many design enterprises. For example, employees of China agricultural university, as well as scientific research institutes and dahong have cooperated with each other, and have certain contacts with the construction industry. At present, "turnkey" project is still a service system based on conduction equipment.

Q10: what kind of goals does dahong hope to achieve in terms of project results and performance this year?

Li pengfei: the development of the industry is promoting the development of enterprises. It is necessary to identify the future direction of the industry, and then promote it at the strategic level to do better and move towards the direction of Internet and big data. Since 2016, several technical personnel from universities and scientific research institutions have started to develop these advanced technologies, which is a direction of dahong and a highlight of its future development. I hope next year we will see better products and better technology from dahong.

Q11: what do you want to convey to dahong's core users and target customers?

Li pengfei: whether it is the core users, target users or a large number of potential users, as long as the colleagues in this industry, dahong would like to say to them, we have been working hard, and hope to do better in the future. I hope they will forgive me for my poor performance in the past, which is what enterprises need to experience in their development. We apologize to dahong for any defects or unsatisfactory results. In the future, as long as there are opportunities to cooperate with partners, we promise to do better than before.

Li pengfei always said that it is the development of the industry that pushes dahong forward. In fact, dahong has grown from a start-up into a well-known enterprise in the industry, which is not only promoted by the general trend of the industry development, but also has its own efforts and perseverance. Industries and enterprises have always promoted and accomplished each other. But no matter who is pushing who to go, as long as in the development of the industry, find their own positioning, stick to their products and services, and continue to innovate, and then so step by step, you can always go this way, to a brighter, better, broader world. We look forward to the future of dahong technology.


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