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Technical consulting

1. Site selection of farms

The site selection of farms directly determines the success or failure of farms, which is directly related to animal disease prevention and control, quality safety of livestock and poultry products, public health safety and investment efficiency.

New farms to pay attention to the following:

1. According to the overall requirements of local aquaculture planning and layout, it shall be built in the stipulated non-prohibited breeding area.

2, to give full consideration to environmental protection, the realization of industry union, recycling, mutual promotion and common development, and gradually realize the scale of livestock and poultry farms layout rationalization, standardization of production, pollution-free products, resource recycling, environment clean, in the process of development of aquaculture, ensure that the regional environmental ecological balance and sustainable development.

Consider water, electricity, and electricity. The water source must be sufficient, the water quality must meet the drinking water standard, must be far away from the domestic drinking water source protection area. In terms of power supply, the site should be closest to the power source, which is conducive to saving the cost of power transmission and transformation and maintaining the stability of power supply.

4. General plans for land use and urban and rural development shall be taken into consideration. Permanent aquaculture farms, aquaculture communities and processing zones shall not occupy basic farmland and shall make full use of idle land and unused land.

5. The site should be located in an area with high dryness, sufficient sunshine, good ventilation, good drainage and no epidemic sources. The required floor space should include production area, management area, living area, manure treatment area, etc.

Ii. On-site investigation

Before the pig farm is built, dahong animal husbandry can conduct professional engineering geological exploration on the project site.

Geological exploration shall be carried out before construction, and the mode, characteristics and scale of the interaction between engineering buildings and geological environment (i.e. engineering geological interaction) shall be predicted according to the structure and operation characteristics of the designed buildings, and the correct evaluation shall be made, so as to provide a basis for the determination of protective measures to ensure the stability and normal use of the buildings.

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