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Dahong animal husbandry keeps pace with the world


Form a complete set of equipment

I. feeding system

With the increase of human cost and the promotion of large-scale feeding process, automatic feeding system has been widely used in many farms. Dahong animal husbandry can create efficient, safe and energy-saving feeding schemes for livestock farms to meet customers' personalized needs.

Ii. Environmental control system

The environmental control system of livestock and poultry house is the key system of facilities and equipment, and also the most important factor affecting the production performance and food intake of livestock and poultry, so as to create a comfortable "home" for animals, maximize the genetic potential and production performance of livestock and poultry, and it will give more returns.

The overall solution of livestock farm environmental control provided by dahong animal husbandry is a systematic solution integrated with the overall environment of livestock farm and the small environment of livestock and poultry house, which has accumulated rich data and experience by introducing, digesting and absorbing the advanced environmental control theories and technologies from Europe and America for many years. Meanwhile, investment and operation cost are taken as the main factors to provide reasonable and economic environmental control system solutions for customers in different regions.

Iii. Field system

The field is the basic equipment of farms. It should not only consider the life habits of pigs but also consider the operation convenience of feeders. Dahong animal husbandry has accumulated rich experience in years of research and design.

Four: intelligent sow management system

For pregnant sows, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology is used to realize the precise feeding and scientific management of individual sows under the condition of large group feeding, realize the highly automatic control of the production process, and greatly improve the production efficiency and economic efficiency. Another revolution in the pig industry! In this revolution, sows lost their cages and ushered in a new world of levoo from stalls to intelligent group breeding.

Five: the Internet of things

Real-time view of the field data, grasp the production status;

Historical data storage to provide basic data for production improvement;

Data report generation, change trend display more intuitive;

Alarm information push, timely handling of emergency situation, to ensure production safety;

Emergency information processing records, determine the timely processing of emergency information;

Site server deployment and general server deployment, user name authority management, ensure accurate information authority;



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