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Intelligent feeding system: China media conference for Gestal products was successfully held

Article release date:2015-09-22


On the morning of September 7, Beijing dahong united with Canadian JYGA company successfully held a Chinese media conference on Gestal products in tianjin plant. To attend this meeting with Mr Wellhope group chief executive Wei Yanmian, Canada JYGA China international business director liao, sweet lady, JYGA Canada international technical director Mr Martin Noel and guangxi nanning the pig man automation equipment co., LTD. General manager Mr He Fan, says Mr, chief technology officer and baodi, baodi, pigs, e network television media friends, today's pig industry.



Mr. Martin Noel, international technical director of JYGA company, introduced the characteristics of the product on how to maximize the feed intake of sows, elaborated the prospect of the Chinese market, and expressed the need to strengthen the two-way cooperation. We firmly believe that with the help of dahong, Gestal products can be bigger and stronger in China, which is beneficial to more pig farmers!

This is the launch conference of Gestal products of Beijing dahong hengfeng animal husbandry and JYGA company in Canada. First of all, Ms. Titian liao, international business director of JYGA China, made a comprehensive introduction of JYGA and Gestal products in Canada. Ms. Liao first gave a comprehensive understanding of JYGA from the three aspects of the company's history review, current situation and future prospect. JYGA, a Canadian company, has created the electronic sow feeding system: jiagida. Through continuous innovation and improvement, jiagida has been at the forefront of this industry and has been recognized and trusted by users. In May 2015, a two-way cooperation relationship was established with dahong hengfeng, which not only means that dahong hengfeng is GYJA's largest distributor and partner in China, but also dahong is GYJA's reliable supplier in China. Ms. Liao pointed out that the cooperation between the two parties not only depends on the sales ability, but also pays more attention to the integrity and morality of the enterprise. The cooperation between the two parties will surely make the products better and better in the Chinese market.

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